Best Practice


At MMISS we are committed to enabling our clients to develop industry best practice skills and knowledge. An important enabling factor for our organisation in this pursuit is the provision of high quality training and assessment programs designed to meet the needs of our clients and industry.

National compliance requirements dictate that we apply a systematic approach to the delivery of training and assessment services. Each of our training programs is designed to complement a learner’s existing skills and experience and provide diverse learning opportunities that meet the needs of the individual. At MMISS we are committed to providing opportunities for clients to pursue continuing professional development that is industry relevant, of high quality, and leads to nationally recognised qualifications and outcomes.

The policies, procedures and tools outlined within this manual assist in the efficient management and administration of our operations. MMISS representatives must be familiar with and comply with the policies and procedures at all times in order to maintain the standards required to deliver quality training and assessment.

Policy Structure

To achieve our goals, MMISS has adopted a structured approach to policy framework that recognises the relationship between legislation, standards, policy, procedures and tools.


Legislation includes Acts of Parliament, both Commonwealth and State, including requirements relating to:

  • Workplace health and safety;
  • Anti-discrimination;
  • Privacy;
  • Workplace relations;
  • Vocational education;
  • Child protection; and
  • Copyright.


Standards provide the basis for comparison to best practice. They guide our organisation in the structure and standardisation of operations and ensure consistency in the outcomes we achieve with external agencies. Standards applicable to MMISS operations are based on the VET Quality Framework, including:

  • The Standards for SRTO 2015
  • The Australian Qualifications Framework AQF,
  • The Fit and proper Person Requirements,
  • The Data Provision Requirements.


Policy is the first level of guidance, which is internally developed. Policy is influenced by legislation and standards and reflects the unique organisational requirements of MMISS. Policies provide the philosophical foundation for decisions that reflect our operational intent. At MMISS we are committed to the continuous improvement of policy which is contemporary and reflects our desire to deliver high quality training and assessment services.


Procedures outline the actions that must occur to comply with the intent of each policy. MMISS procedures have been developed to provide the basis for the consistent performance of services and internal processes which lead to quality outcomes and procedural integrity.


Tools support the implementation of our policies and procedures. Tools include forms, spreadsheets and other records which assist us to internally manage information and transactions and provide the apparatus for compliance.

Version 17-06-2015