Neil Peters

Competitive Athlete
As a National Level competitive athlete, I was no novice to physical training and nutrition. However, Mark’s hands on approach to teaching core concepts helped me take my own training to a whole new level. More importantly, Mark made a determined effort to impart as much of his personal wealth of knowledge and experience from the Fitness Industry onto me so I could be well placed to become the most professional and well-rounded competitive personal trainer market. With Mark in your corner, you can have the confidence you have the best tools in the business to give your future clients the professional service they deserve.

James Crossley

National UK Body Builder and Gladiator Hunter
I became interested in fitness when I was around 12 after watching Rocky, 1, 2 and 3, this being in a 6 hour cinema marathon – from then on I was hooked on bodybuilding – my first body building show was at 14 and after winning Junior Mr UK, I was spotted in a bodybuilding magazine and head hunted for Gladiators and won the ultimate gladiator competition. I chose MMISS due to its reputation, for being an in the trenches, science based, certification. This gave me an edge in fitness as both competitor and the running of my business.

Shevon Gee

Fitness Competitor
I am a fitness competitor… the MMISS course was invaluable in helping me further my understanding of how the body adapts to exercise and nutrition… this inturn has helped me in my endeavours as a fitness professional The MMISS staffs were invaluable resource and support. I now run my own fitness trainer business and love it!

Claudia Klein


Mark is an amazing fitness tutor and I am grateful to learn from someone that is successful in the fitness and sports industry.  He knows what he is talking about and explains everything in great detail.  After doing my certificate 3 & 4, I have been confident in entering the fitness workforce as a personal trainer immediately.  Not only have I been able to apply what I have learned to training myself, which resulted in me competing in a few national bodybuilding competitions and doing really well, but I have also been able to practice what I have learned from the fitness course and apply it to the workforce with great acceptance and feedback from my clients.

The course is a good balance between theory and practice and Mark responds very quickly to his emails and calls if required.  I find this really important in doing online courses; the be able to communicate often and directly to the tutor.  I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about wanting to become a successful personal trainer.

Natalie Howden

Company CEO
I became a qualified Personal Trainer on June 12, 2013 and picked up business immediately. I gained enormous confidence from Mark, his course is second to none, so I knew I could go out straight away and put it to action straight away.

Tristan T

Hi Mark, just to let you know… I’ve started work on Certificate IV in Fitness, Personal trainer course already… I have found it much more in depth than the Certificate III in Fitness, Gym Instructor course which requires more reading time. I’m reading up on periodisation, rehabilitation and sport specific training etc. Currently I’m reading the text you supplied and the basic strength/conditioning manual, your workbooks are very in depth and truly separates the men from the boys. ……Excellent stuff!!!!